Top Bank of America Jobs

Bank of America jobs
The banking industry took a serious hit during the global economic crisis a few years ago. Though things are still rather shaky, employers in this sector are beginning to advertise open positions for jobs hiring now. People who like budgeting and accounting for expenses may enjoy a job in the banking or financial services sector. If tracking stock prices and balancing a checkbook floats your boat like it does mine, investigate the following Bank of America jobs.

Bank tellers accept deposits, handle loan payments, cash checks, and process withdrawals. Some of them sell travelers’ checks and savings bonds. Banks may also permit tellers to process paperwork. Minimum education held by most tellers is a high school diploma or equivalent. Someone interested in this position as a career stepping-stone usually has a bachelor’s degree. Average salary is about $20,000 plus bonuses and benefits are available for these Bank of America jobs.  Find quality bank jobs in your city today!

Loan officers assist businesses and individuals with loan applications, assess creditworthiness of applicants, and help individuals determine the best type of loan for their needs. They usually possess a bachelor’s degree in economics, finance, or a related field. Anyone with computer, sales, lending, or banking knowledge has a leg up in this career, which pays an average of $50,000.

Looking For Bank Of America Jobs Is Worth The Effort

Personal financial advisers work for a bank, investment firm, or broker. They put their knowledge of tax laws, insurance, and investments to work for clients, recommending financial options. The best advisors help investors establish and meet both short and long-term financial goals. Employers who pay an average salary of $67,000 prefer a bachelor’s degree in economics, finance, accounting, law, or business math.  

Those who love detective work may enjoy a career as a fraud investigator. These individuals conduct criminal investigations to minimize losses to a banking institution. They negotiate restitution agreements and determine criminal action to take regarding people who commit fraud against the bank. Individuals should have a bachelor’s degree in law, finance, or banking and a strong knowledge of the legal system if they want these bank of America jobs that have an average salary of approximately $68,000.

One of the most sought-after Bank of America jobs is that of a customer service representative. Opening and closing accounts, cross-selling products and services based on customer needs, and performing teller activities are just a few responsibilities in this multi-faceted position. Customer service representatives usually have at least a high school diploma or equivalent plus several years of teller experience needed for these bank jobs. The average starting salary for this position is about $24,000. As you can see, it’s worth filling out a Bank of America job application today! You can also search for online job applications which may make your life easier.

Bank of America Jobs Are Tops!

Bank of America jobs

For those people always complaining that there are not enough entry-level jobs out there, it’s obvious they have not invested the time to look into Bank of America jobs.  This corporation, as huge as it is, treats its employees right and allows them to dream big.  At B&A, it is possible to start as a Bank Teller and retire as a Branch Manager.  You can also climb the corporate later even further up if you wish.  Find quality bank jobs in your city today!

Bank of America jobs are very valuable these days, especially since people are looking for a stable job that will help them plan for the future.  If you are looking for great pay, outstanding working conditions where you are treated with the respect you deserve, an awesome benefits package, and stability, then you have to look in their direction for the best bank jobs out there.

Finding Bank of America Jobs Is Not That Hard To Do

I speak from experience as I worked with them as a teller in the South Florida area for some time.  Although I moved on after college and went in another direction, I have many friends who stayed with the company and are reaping the rewards today.  One is a head Teller and the other is an Assistant Branch Manager.  Both would never think of leaving to go anywhere else and are greatly satisfied with what they do.  They never thought that completing that Bank of America job application would bring them so much good fortune.

Don’t even think about it twice.  If you are considering a career in banking, then Bank of America jobs should be at the top of your list!  Do not settle for second best; instead start with a true leader.  Visit one of their locations today and open up yourself to a whole new world of possibilities.  Look for an online application with Bank of America right now to see if there are jobs hiring now.  You can find them where online job applications are found.